MindWorks Courses

Mental Health First Aid Training

MindWorks provide accredited Mental Health First Aid training by MHFA England.

Workplace Stress Courses

MindWorks provide specialist training for employers and employees to help cope with workplace stress-related issues.

Mental Health Awareness Courses

MindWorks provide training to provide a general understanding of common mental health problems including signs and symptoms.


“During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Mindworks have delivered virtual training on Working from Home and Wellbeing and also a four week introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness. Our staff have found all of the training very interesting and helpful.”

Rollits Solicitors (2020)

"After taking the Mental Heath Awareness Course I feel more informed and will be more confident in acting to help team members and others."

Attendee of Mental Health Awareness Course (2020)

“The Mental Health First Aid Course was amazing. I have been on a lot of courses within the NHS and I must say this course is up there with the top! It give me a brilliant insight into the world of mental health. I am now more equipped to look after myself and other people”

– Attendee of MHFA (2019)

“Very useful course, excellently presented, with lots of useful discussion. I can now confidently say I learnt more from this session than my lecture at University about suicide in BA social work degree. The whole content was excellent.”

– Attendee of SafeTALK (2019)

“The Mental Health Awareness course really re-ignited my interest in mental health and this will help me to try and raise more awareness of it in my own life. I would strongly recommend to anybody who has an interest in mental health.”

– Attendee of Mental Health Awareness Course (2019)

"It was good to gain some general knowledge of mental illness and how to help others suffering with mental ill health - something everyone should be thinking about."

Attendee of MHFA (2019)