Know how to provide people with quality mental health consultancy

MindWorks offer consultancy services to promote positive health and wellbeing amongst staff, thus improving the organisational mental wellbeing culture.

Why choose MindWorks Consultancy?

· A high job retention rate (keeping employees in work)

· Nationally recognised training and employment division with previous experience working with the NHS, private industry and voluntary sector

· Flexible to meet the needs of your organisation

· Expert support techniques used, such as ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’

· Personal tailored development plans agreed by both the Employee and Employer

· Strong links within the mental health and employment sector E.g. GPs, DWP, and Support Services

What services do we provide?

1. Training and Development:

MindWorks can work with organisations to develop in house and bespoke training which will support employee health and wellbeing, and will equip them with a unique set of skills and techniques to improve employee and team resilience.

Examples of training include:

· Managing Stress and Mental Health in your Staff

· Mental Health First Aid

· Workplace wellbeing

and many more courses in the MindWorks portfolio.

2. Embedding Health and Wellbeing:

MindWorks can work with organisations to develop policies and procedures surrounding workforce health and wellbeing, in line with legislation and the Health and Safety Executive. As part of this, working collaboratively with the organisation, we may explore how to promote good health and wellbeing such as establishing health and wellbeing boards, awareness days, team building days and stress audits.

3. Job Retention Cases:

MindWorks can work impartially with employees who may be on sick/absent or at risk of sickness absence and their employers to resolve issues impacting upon their mental health and work situation. Successfully maintaining a high job retention rate. This success is based on supporting both staff and line managers utilising a blend of mediation skills and person centred support plans.

If you are interested in discussing any of the aspects of our consultancy service please contact us here.