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Time to Talk Day – How to start a conversation

By 1st February 2021News

Its Time to Talk to Day on Thursday and we wanted to share an idea our Training Manager Lorraine has shared with us.

We all know how important it is to talk to about mental health or even just have a conversation about everyday life and that’s exactly the same in a working environment.

Lorraine shared with us an idea we thought would be great for businesses to use to have conversations with their employees via online conferencing, take a look below for our step by step guide of how to implement it.

STEP 1 – Organise a rota in which senior staff members each have an hours slot to be available for employees to chat with them over your chosen online conferencing software on Time to Talk Day.

STEP 2 – Ensure the software you are using can offer breakout rooms for individuals to have a more private conversation if needed.

STEP 3 – Advertise the days rota to your employees inviting them to grab a coffee and have a chat with a member of staff online. It doesn’t have to be about mental health, it could be about the day they’ve had, what they did at the weekend or how they’re getting on at the moment.

STEP 4 – Enjoy the conversation, your helping to better understand how your staff are feeling and offer them help if required.

There’s lots of different online conferencing software you can use, we especially like Microsoft Teams and Zoom but there are others such as Google Hangouts and Skype.


If your business does need support surrounding mental health in the workplace please call 01482 240134 or email¬†[email protected]

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